Order of the Hunt

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Order of the Hunt – available on eBook Oct 31, 2021.

War is coming.

The sleepy town of Fairview has had a demon problem for years… but most of the residents don’t know that.

The only thing that has kept the demons at bay are a handful of teenagers—but now that a clan of demon hunters has come recruiting, they have the opportunity to join the Order of the Hunt and uncover all the secrets it has to offer.

The only problem? These kids aren’t soldiers—and unless they can master themselves, Fairview will find itself overrun with demons.

A coward struggles with harnessing a great power.

An ice queen must learn to trust in her emotions and lean on her strengths.

A pacifist grapples with defending herself and others on the battlefield.

An impulsive loner must forge himself into a leader, toeing the balance between dark and light as he prepares for war.

Before the Order found Dana, they had to find themselves. Read the prequel and see where it all started.

This book has been a long time coming. And let me tell you all, it is worth it.

The prequel to The Wraith’s Bargain is over twice the length and acts as an origin story as well as an exploration of the characters of the Order: Jeremy, Will, Annie, and Kat. We didn’t get to know them very well in TWB as side characters, but here each of them has their own quarter of the story which is told from their perspective.

Order of the Hunt (OH) also covers the beginning of the major conflict between demons and humans that leads up to Dana’s story.

Early feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and I cannot wait to get this book in the hands of more readers! While the ebook will be releasing Oct 31, the paperback will be further down the line due to production times and whatnot.

The links for preorder are at the top of this post. So, tell me: are you intrigued? Comment below!


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2 thoughts on “Order of the Hunt

  1. I can’t wait for this! It is definitely a great premise for their story. I love the light vs dark elements both externally and internally for each character.

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