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The Wraith’s Bargain

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A year has passed since the nightmares began, and Dana is running on fumes. Her nightly torture by demons has left her reliant on caffeine and desperate for change.

Change comes, in the most unexpected way. When a demon comes for her in real life, Dana is saved by an Order of local demon hunters. They offer to help her to manifest and learn to control her own brand of magic, which could turn her life around. It will take time, but Dana is prepared to put in the work. That is, until she encounters the demon king himself who promises she won’t have to wait–and is left with her head spinning.

Dana knows nothing good will come from trusting the demons–but she doesn’t know how much longer she can handle the nightmares. It’s not until a charming stranger starts turning up in her dreams and helping her out of sticky situations that she realizes she may have a third option. Unfortunately for Dana, he’s a demon too–but he has just the bargain that could get her out of this mess for good.

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The First Stone

The First Stone is a first draft of the beginning of Order of the Hunt, my prequel novel to The Wraith’s Bargain. I’ve left it up for some free reading, but be aware it underwent a lot of developmental editing and stylistic changes as it was incorporated into the novel. There are still plenty of surprises in store for Order of the Hunt!

We aren’t alone in this world. It’s a lesson that Will learned the hard way on the night of his twelfth birthday. He and his best friend Jeremy were attacked by a demon only hours after discovering they had supernatural powers. This night was the first of many they dedicated to learning to control their powers and defeat that which goes bump in the night.

Fast forward eight years and they’ve learned all the tricks of the trade–or so they thought. A late night chance encounter with a demon hunter introduces them to an entire secret society and a wealth of knowledge. The only problem is that now Will has become a walking target for a species of demon that has a taste for his psychic energy.

Now the clock is ticking as Will and Jeremy race to seal the demons out of their world once and for all. Can they do it before Will becomes a demon’s dinner?

The First Stone is available to read for free on Wattpad!

Order of the Hunt

A prequel to The Wraith’s Bargain, this novel is expected to be available in the first half of 2021. Add to your Goodreads TBR and check back for updates!

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