Now Available! The Strategist

Hey Fam. The day is finally here!! The Strategist is now available to read for free on Wattpad (limited time!) Posting schedule will be one chapter each Sunday and Wednesday, to be completed by the end of the month. I’m so excited for you all to check this out! Between expectations of family and school,Continue reading “Now Available! The Strategist”

The First Stone- available on Wattpad!

Hey, fam. I’ve published my first story on Wattpad and I’d really appreciate you checking it out! It’s called The First Stone . We aren’t alone in this world. It’s a lesson that Will learned the hard way on the night of his twelfth birthday. He and his best friend Jeremy were attacked by aContinue reading “The First Stone- available on Wattpad!”

Creating Culture in The Wraith

Happy Weekend! How is everyone doing? I’m having a good Saturday morning so far, I had my coffee and then went out to water our flowers and discovered a bird’s nest in one of our plants. That was a surprise! Today I’d like to discuss.. An important aspect of my books and how I wentContinue reading “Creating Culture in The Wraith”