Are you a ghost?

Believe me, as an author with an interest in the paranormal, that question first sparks excitement in me. And I mean, who would disagree? It would be so neat to be able to pass unseen, to learn and explore and maybe do some innocent haunting.

But that’s not really what I mean… and I think you know that.

Ghosting through life

Tell me if this sounds familliar to you.
You wake up, have the same thing for breakfast each day. It’s pretty good, but nothing to be excited about. You get ready for work mechanically, or else in a rush because you didn’t give yourself enough time like always. You drive to work on auto pilot, listening to the same music or talk show, and then go waste the next eight hours working (or pretending to work–I see you). Then you go home, spend some time with your family. You’re too drained to do much but you still watch Netflix together, or play video games, or read books, or scroll through your phones in companionable silence.
And then? You go to bed. Get up. Do it again.

Gliding through life without much effort, with limited joy, with limited purpose.

Is this you?

I’ve been diving deep into mindfulness and mindset, and I want to share a secret with you.

Are you ready?

You can change. Literally any time you want. It doesn’t have to be the New Year, or Monday, or tomorrow. It can be right this second.
The hard part is knowing how.
And even harder is actually doing it.

Many people turn to self reflection, meditation, and journaling to figure out their lives. These are very valuable tools, but I’d like to offer up another one:

A coach.

I know, I know. Why on earth would you pay someone to tell you what to do when you can figure it out yourself?

There’s a lot to unpack around coaching, but I’m just going to address three points:

  1. They tell you what to do.
    Nope. They can share their knowledge and give advice, sure, but what coaches really are great for is to help guide you to find the answers that best fit your life and your goals. True coaching is tailored to the individual, not a mass marketed program.
  2. You can figure it out yourself.
    Sure, you can. You can find out anything you want. But how long will it take? How much will you miss out on because you took too long to find the answer… or even got discouraged and quit along the way? That’s the benefit in having someone who already knows the answer to guide you–you save time, effort, frustration, and probably money as well.
  3. Why pay?
    If something is important to you, if you want to change your life, why wouldn’t you pay? Or think of it this way–if you needed marriage counseling, how much would you pay to save your marriage? Besides, you’re not only getting someone to teach you, but also a cheerleader and someone to keep you accountable. They may even have more than that in store for you, depending on the sort of coach they are.

There are coaches for all sorts of things: skills (writing, swimming, cooking, you name it), business, fitness or wellness, career, life in general, and mindset. There are tons more, but you get the picture. Any aspect of your life that you seek to improve can be helped along with a coach.

Why am I telling you all this?

Well. As I mentioned, I’ve been diving deep into mindfulness and mindset. Like most people, I can often get stuck in a rut. I’m working a day job that isn’t my calling to pay the bills, and it’s forcing me to put my true dream career on the back burner. I’m trying to juggle taking care of my health, my family, and my house, just like everyone else. And often, something slips. Even if I do catch all the balls I’ve got in the air, sometimes the invisible one hits the floor.

My mindset.

Working with a coach has been invaluable for me. Not only can they see things from an outside perspective, they can also lead you to discover what you truly want and need for yourself. Once you figure that out, they can you come up with a plan to improve what needs improving and align your actions with your goals… and keep you accountable, which a lot of people (me) struggle with.

My point is….

If you’re struggling in any capacity, seek out a way to help yourself. Whether it’s through books, listening to podcasts about the subjects, or yes, hiring a coach, it makes a world of difference.

If you are truly a ghost in your life, do you want to stay that way? Or do you want to enjoy your time on this earth and be memorable to those around you? Do you want to affect change, to make this world better?

The first change you have to make is to work on yourself.

If this post helped you to gain some perspective, comment below! And if you would like some recommendations to mindset or business coaches, hit me up. I know some great ones!


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